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About Abes Awesome Armaments

Abe FooteOur business began in 1985 with a Firearms and Militaria store in Vermont. We moved to New Hampshire in 2000 and opened Abe's Awesome Armaments selling mostly knives, swords, and a few firearms. As our business grew, we soon outgrew our existing showroom. In the Spring of 2005 we built a 40x30 log cabin with a 1,200 square foot showroom.

Abes new shop opened Spring of 2005Today we are proud to carry over 1,000 knives, 100 swords and 100 firearms in stock with an extensive array of accessories and ammunition. We also stock Airsoft guns and have a nice selection of fine cigars on hand.

So, stop in or call anytime. Our inventory is always changing and we consider all trades. And remember, if you're looking for something unique and unusual and we don't have it, we can always find it for you!

Watch Abe on NatGeo's "Bid and Destroy"!

Bid and Destroy

Abe was featured in several episodes of the National Geographic channel's (71 on Metrocast Cable) new hit show Bid and Destroy! Two episodes were filmed this summer in the shop which aired in October, 2012! Here are the links to more information about each one:

Haunted House Treasures
Muscle Car Mansion

I hope everyone can check them out!

Article from the Laconia Citizen dated December 21, 2012

A Busy Day at Abe's Gun Shop

Stocking Up
By Mary Saliba

ABE FOOTE, owner of Abe’s Awesome Armaments in New Hampton is busy at work as possible federal legislation might make it more difficult for gun enthusiasts to purchase firearms.

NEW HAMPTON, NH — The owner of Abe’s Awesome Armaments, a shop in New Hampton which sells, among other things, firearms and ammunition, has reported seeing more customers in the shop since the announcement by top lawmakers of possible new federal legislation regulating the sale of firearms and accessories.

Abe Foote, owner of the shop, said that he’s “seen a huge increase in ‘modern sports rifles’ this week. Foote implied that customers were doing less Christmas shopping at the store then they were exercising their right to purchase guns as pending legislation might make it more difficult to do so.

As Foote scanned his shop for a good place for a photograph, his colleague suggested the “Air Wall", their display of Air Soft BB guns, because after March, that’s all we’ll be able to sell. State Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) said, “There will be a lot of debates in the coming months with the recent shooting and the Second Amendment. After this unspeakable tragedy", he said he hopes there will be greater discussion about the process in which residents obtain powerful firearms. “What issue I see, he said, is that we have to focus more on disturbed individuals purchasing weapons, while not invading the rights of those who can responsibly obtain a weapon." Bradley spoke of the fact that Connecticut has strict laws regarding the purchase of guns, and Newtown’s Adam Lanza had tried and been denied the purchase of a handgun, yet still, 26 people died with the assault weapon he used. He spoke of the many shootings and that we need to work toward addressing issues of mental health care. While not making a diagnosis, he said that many of the shooters, using the recent Colorado shooter as an example, are disturbed individuals.

Foote said that much of the fear since the Newtown shooting is driven by the politicians and the media hype. Customers must fill out a lengthy form to register for a gun, including questions about mental health medication, drug addiction domestic assaults, and pass a background check with the FBI or state police, once they get the go ahead, Foote said, weapons are as safe as people are properly trained.

The parking lot was full this afternoon - one customer leaving the shop said, "We spent a lot of money today", laughing as he drove away. Inside the store, another customer joked, “What? Did you see my picture at the post office? I thought I took care of that." A former resident of the Lakes Region, who was willing to offer her first name, “Krissy", said she just bought a real assault weapon for her young son for Christmas. “We only shoot targets, though, she said. “Paper."

A local psychiatrist, who also declined to be named due to the privacy of his practice offered, “The real issue is powerlessness, and seizing power through grabbing a gun is really dangerous". Reacting from powerlessness, he said, was the way in which those individuals gained their feeling of power. Two-time TV star Foote, was featured on “Bid and Destroy” on the National Geographic Channel last October. The shows were filmed at his shop last summer. His co-worker John, suggested, though, that Foote be photographed in the fur vest on display at the shop.

Article from the Laconia Citizen dated January 13, 2008

Abe's Offers 'unique to unusual' Armaments

Off the Main Road
By Bea Lewis, Staff Writer

Abe offers unique to unusual armaments
This Winchester 1897 pump-action 12 gauge shotgun is among one of the many used guns available for sale or trade at Abe's Awesome Armaments owned by Abram 'Abe' Foote of Tilton. The shop specializes in knives, swords and firearms and buys, sells and trades.

NEW HAMPTON, NH— Abram "Abe" Foote grew up in Barre, Vt., target-shooting with his father and visiting gun shops and shows, looking for bargains. Today, Foote owns and operates "Abe's Awesome Armaments," a shop at 583 Route 104 in New Hampton that specializes in buying, selling, trading and appraising knives, swords and firearms of all types.

"Our motto is the unique to the unusual," said Foote, pointing to the top shelf of a glass display cabinet that holds a dozen Randall knives. Foote said he bought the mint condition knives from a collector, explaining that if you placed an order with the Orlando, Fla. manufacturer today, the company is so backlogged you wouldn't get your knife until 2011.

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